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Fusion LC Method Development

Chromatography-centric QbD Software for
LC, LC-MS, and SFC Method Development

S-Matrix is the World Leader in QbD Experimentation Software for the development, validation, and transfer of LC, LC-MS, and SFC methods.

Amazing New Features in Version 9.9.0

Rapid Chemistry Screening – Column, pH, Gradient, Mobile Phase

Fusion QbD® brings a completely new quantitative approach to automated LC column and solvent system selection that is completely aligned with QbD principles and methodology. S-Matrix's patented Trend Responses™ technology overcomes the limitations inherent in traditional approaches, and replaces a qualitative “pick-the-winner” approach with a rigorous and quantitative methodology. Most importantly, Trend Responses eliminate the requirement for laborious and error-prone peak tracking in column and solvent system screening experiments. Click here to see examples of the amazing results achieved in JUST A FEW DAYS with this approach!

Robust Method Optimization

Fusion QbD revolutionizes method optimization with the integration of (1) flexible DOE Experimental Design, (2) automated UV and MS Based Peak Tracking, (3) retention-based Resolution Map Modeling, along with modeling all individual peak resolutions and all other required method chromatographic performance requirements (e.g. Area, Tailing, K-prime, Plates, etc.), (4) modeling all study parameter effects on all critical performance characteristics, including linear, non-linear, and Interaction Effects, and (5) the correct and regulatory accepted Integration of QbD Robustness.

Turn Your LC System into a Method Development Powerhouse

Click here to see a history of Fusion QbD automation. Click here to see a list of currently supported Chromatography Data Software, and HPLC, UHPLC, and SFC systems!

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