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S-Matrix Corporation

1594 Myrtle Avenue

Eureka, CA 95501 USA

Phone: 800-336-8428

Outside USA: 707-441-0404

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S-Matrix Analytical
Development Labs

Purdue Technology Center

5225 Exploration Drive,
Suite S-2357

Indianapolis, IN 46241 USA

Phone: 317-514-3458


S-Matrix Corporation

Phone: 707-441-0406

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Worldwide Distributors

Please be advised that only the authorized distributors listed below are fully trained and certified by S-Matrix to provide software training, qualification, and support for the Fusion QbD Software Platform. Please contact our authorized distributors for these Fusion QbD support services.

Brazil/Latin America

Spektra Consultoria

Săo Paulo, Brazil

Contact: Mariah Ultramari, Ph.D.

Tel: +55 11 99523 0937


AGS Analitica S.A.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact: Sebastian Genovese, Sales Mgr.

Tel: +5411 4524.7247

United Kingdom/Ireland

CI Informatics Ltd.

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Contact: Robert Lott, Ph.D.

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)12 35 851936


Cromingo e.K.

Bordesholm, Germany

Contact: Ingo Green

Tel: +49 162 6306109



Chevilly-Larue, France

Contact: Marc Foulon

Tel: 01 56 34 20 10

Slovenia/Eastern Europe

Labtim d.o.o.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Contact: Boštjan Bavdek

Direct: +386 (0) 590 77710

Office: +386 (0) 1 428 36 84


LCGC Chrom Consumables LLP

Mumbai, India

Contact: Vivek Koralkar

Tel: +022 - 9825317798

South Korea

LabSolutions, Inc.

Seoul, South Korea

Contact: Jung-Ho (Bob) Gil

Tel: +82 2 896 4648

Fax: +82 0303 3449 4648



Waters Corporation is a global reseller of the Fusion QbD Software Platform. Contact your local Waters representative for details about Fusion QbD.


AMR, Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

Contact: Yasuhiko Bando, CSO

Tel: +81 3 5731 2281