S-Matrix is committed to providing comprehensive training for all users of the Fusion QbD® Software product modules. This training is offered in the form of On-site, Online and in certain instances, as regional sessions. Upon completion, attendees are certified and receive copies of the course content.

On-site Product Training

S-Matrix offers on-site user training programs for Fusion QbD Software modules as a convenient and cost effective alternative for larger research groups. These programs can be tailored to suit specific requirements. The training includes experimental strategies, design of experiments (DOE), data analysis, graphical visualization, and product & process optimization. For more information about Fusion QbD on-site product training courses, contact us here.

Online Product Training

Web based user training is also available for all Fusion QbD Software modules. These highly interactive sessions, run by qualified S-Matrix personnel, are particularly useful for refresher training and to orient new hires to the operation and workflows associated with the various Fusion QbD Software modules. For more information about online product training courses, contact us here.

Product Brochures

Learn all about Fusion LC Method Development, the only 100% Quality by Design aligned software for development and optimization of robust LC methods.

Learn all about Fusion Analytical Method Validation — regulatory compliant and aligned software for design, analysis, and reporting of all the experiments required for complete validation of analytical methods. Includes full CDS automation of all LC method validation experiments.

Learn all about Fusion Process Development — 100% Quality by Design aligned software for robust formulation and process development and optimization.

Learn all about Fusion Inhaler Testing — regulatory compliant software for automated respiratory drug product and delivery device testing, analysis, and reporting.

Learn all about Fusion Pro — QbD-aligned DOE Software for Formulation & Process Development

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